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Pro Palette house painting in Victoria provides expert exterior and interior painting for your home. If you’re searching for a reliable company, trust Victoria, BC’s expert painters from Pro Palette. There’s simply no substitute for quality workmanship, scheduling that meets your needs, affordable rates and a professional finish.

Over 20 years of local experience has made Pro Palette house painting Victoria’s number one choice when it comes to makeovers. As a full service surface finishing company, Pro Palette has established an impeccable reputation throughout the Lower Vancouver Island and takes a lot of pride in providing outstanding customer service. If you have questions about having your house painted, feel free to contact Pro Palette at 250-508-6383.

There are numerous advantages of having the exterior of your home painted. A few of them include:

– Protection against the elements and against pests. House painting and staining your Victoria home seals off areas that may be prone to termite damage and pests that eat wood. Sealants can offer a superior deterrent that will ensure your home’s integrity is not compromised.

– Paint protects against extreme temperatures, salt and ice that may come in contact with the exterior of your home. Pro Palette is familiar with what Victoria can dish out in the wintertime and offers invaluable services that add protection.

– If you own vinyl siding, paint can prolong its lifespan, enabling it to perform well for up to 50 years. Protect your investment with a fresh coat of paint. Your vinyl siding will continue to perform year after year.

– Are you thinking about selling? Realtors know that fresh paint has more selling power than just about any other upgrade- and is far more affordable than a remodel. You’ll realize the dividends of your investment at the time of sale, since the ROI for exterior painting is typically 100%, oftentimes, even more. Home buyers who are looking at photos online love homes with beautiful paint, and those are usually the homes that sell quicker.

– Nothing works faster to break down the structural integrity of a home than mold and mildew that goes unchecked. Wood that is not protected with paint and other sealants can take on water damage that leads to costly repair bills down the line. Pro Palette’s professional house painting will protect your Victoria home from water, mold, mildew, pests, weather and many other problems.

For affordable and reliable exterior and interior painting, feel free to call Pro Palette at 250-508-6383 and let one of their experts answer your questions, provide you with a free quick quote for your upcoming project or advise you what type of service would best meet your needs.

Speaking with an expert from Pro Palette is a good idea before making the rash decision to hire the first house painting company in Victoria that answers their phone. Be sure you hire a team with plenty of experience and a great local reputation. Your results depend on the decision you make. 

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