5-star I am proud to own an Arts & Crafts Bungalow in Fairfield. I see myself as the custodian of this home built in 1914 and want to care for it the best I can. It has needed a full exterior painting for a few years now, but the quotes I got from so-called ‘student’ painters were similarly astronomical. My home has the characteristic wide soffits and elaborate front porch so I knew it wouldn’t be cheap. When I found Gord and Matt at Pro Palette Painting I had a great feeling that they would take the same care with my home that I would – and boy was I right! These guys are friendly, professional, on time, inexpensive and absolute artists! My home will be 100 years old in 2014 and now she’s looking like she’s ready for the next hundred. They gave me a quote for a flat fee all inclusive and I was very impressed that they used some of the most expensive paint on the market “because we guarantee the application for two years” they said. I am always relieved to find good, talented and HONEST trades so I thought I’d share my experience. I’ve told the guys to put me on the top of their reference list and you can drive by my house any time to see the results!

Paul Forster


Thanks for the kind words Paul. The house was a joy to work on, the finished product is certainly something we are proud of! You will be pleased to know that the warranty we give our clients is actually 3 years, although the sharkskin carries an even longer warranty! Thanks for the opportunity. Matt and I enjoyed making your castle our canvas. Its a great house with a great owner.