Residential Painting Victoria BC

The best lessons are often learned the hard way through our mistakes and our business model is no different. Over the years we have had a hand in every facet of the residential painting industry. We have taken on commercial painting, industrial coatings, new construction, interior painting, exterior painting, and everything in between. The comfort zone was found in the long term relationships that are formed in our personalized style of residential painting.

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Why Pro Palette Painting specializes in Residential Painting

There is something special about the personal bonds you make with folks when you spend time with them inside and outside of their homes. This business has always been a vessel to be financially self-sufficient, of course every business is. But even more so, a way to establish roots in our little community of Victoria, BC.

In a small number of years, after working on house painting projects with large contractors, large projects, and seeing how many times, in a grandiose setting, people get left behind or mistakes happen, it was determined that smaller was better. A smaller circle, with smaller stressors and plenty of small talk with the clients. It has led to some great friendships along the way, and a few dinner parties long after the projects completion. Some would say don’t mix business with pleasure. I respectfully disagree. We believe that by keeping Pro Palette Painting smaller we can provide more individual attention to our clients, coupled with the quality they deserve in a residential painting experience. It should feel more like home and less like a board meeting.

We are so grateful to our clients for their business, their trust, their referrals and their reviews. It was never the goal to be or have the best, only to try harder… but somewhere along the way your support and our work ethic and attention to the finer details helped us become one of the top rated painting companies in Victoria. We will always do our best for our clients, despite being the small fish in a big pond.

Grateful. Gord and the team at Pro Palette Painting.

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