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When you couple quality workmanship with reliable scheduling, add in a clean and efficient job site and top it off with affordable rates and a professional finish by Victoria’s friendliest painters, it’s a recipe for satisfied customers.

If you are in need of a Professional painter in Victoria or southern Vancouver Island….look no further. Pro Palette Painting is here to help with your interior or exterior painting project. Over 30 years of experience with residential and commercial painting make Pro Palette Painting Victoria’s choice for quality.

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Best Reviewed Professional Painter in Victoria

At Pro Palette Painting we only book enough jobs to keep our small team working steadily and our customers completely satisfied. We have found that quality and the details take time and we want our clients to see exceptional service on every painting project. After all, they are parting with their hard earned money, so we want to work hard for them. From the beginning, we had a vision of a small company that wouldn’t take on every project, but treat every project like it was our only one. By keeping the company small, we never lose sight of our staff or client needs, as sometimes with larger operations… people, details and quality get lost in the shuffle of trying to keep up with the expectations of being the biggest. Being a small professional outfit, means taking on only what the company can reasonably handle while providing clients with prompt, quality service they deserve. We love to build relationships with our clients, that reach far beyond just a house painting project. It’s always a pleasure to share personal moments with your clients, their kids and their pets. It is a business, but it feels great to have clients over for dinner or have them give the crew treats from the garden. The human element really is the most rewarding part of the painting business, outside of the freshly painted finished product and the photos that follow online. We have been so fortunate to build such a loyal following of clients that have referred us on to friends, family and neighbours and the reviews they have left us after our projects have been so beneficial to future clients understanding our business model. It makes everything we do worth the effort and drives us to continue doing what we do.

Community Support

We are so grateful for the support we have had from the city of Victoria over the last 10 years and are so excited to see what the next 10 years of painting Victoria castles bring. When looking for a professional painter in Victoria, look for a company that treats you with respect not just like a paycheque. Be weary of someone that isn’t willing to answer all your questions regarding prep details, price point, product line questions, general job site cleanliness, insurance coverage, scheduling, referrals, etc. You are spending your hard earned money! You should move forward with your painting project with all the information you need to put your mind at ease while you await your home transforming into something special that you can be very proud of. Make certain you feel comfortable with that business in your home as well. Sometimes personalities just clash and a job site can become difficult over the smallest task or detail. Hiring a professional painting company is more than just their portfolio, reviews or resume, they need to be a personal fit. We have passed on wonderful painting projects in the past, because we felt the fit between us would not be beneficial to both parties. It can and should go that way for the client as well.

Professional Service

Prompt service is the earmark of a quality painting company as well. I know we all post our 9 to 5 office hours on google, because although we owe availability to our clients, we have personal lives at home too. Many a long weekend or late in the evening during the week, we have, and continue to respond to phone calls and emails from current and potential clients. The hope is that the commitment to them after hours shows them we are driven and will work hard for them. We continue that process to this day but have learned to gauge better, if that commitment will takes us away from being as successful in our personal lives as well. It’s a real balancing act for us. If we are unavailable, it’s for a valid reason and we always respond in a reasonable timeframe to our clients. After all, communication is everything.

Professional Waranty

Pro Palette Painting also backs our workmanship with a standard 3 year warranty (although we have projects that look great 10 plus years later) against improper prep or paint application. It is worth noting that these warranties do not apply to general wear and tear of a clients home. Chips, bumps and marks happen and we always provide touch up materials to our clients for those purposes. We are happy to come by and remedy any detail that we may have missed. We generally see things like paint issues behind foliage due to moisture or a difficult access point that wasn’t covered well enough, Painting isn’t a perfect science, but we do our best to fix any errors that may occur. We always ask clients to have any rotten trim work or siding repaired prior to our arrival. New paint can make all the difference in the world, but it will not adhere to rotten damaged material. No amount of caulking, patching or bondo will remedy that. Paint is not a miracle product made to hold a home together. It is just cosmetic. The substrate must be sound. These rotten areas generally happen from moisture retention in places such as fascia board ends, bottom of spindles on a deck, deck flooring, step treads and occasionally window sills and siding that is damaged and open to the elements. Look for places that water runs to or where it sits. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favour by rectifying these issue prior to calling us to paint.

Professional Commitment

Above all we want to provide repeat and potential clients with a seamless experience that leaves them happy with their decision and calling us again for their next project. It’s the best feeling in the world when we paint both the interior and exterior for a client and they follow that up with a referral to friends, family or neighbours. We take a lot of pride in what we do and the amount of time in our daily lives that we spend focused on being one of the best, even if we’re a small painting company. It’s important to us to leave behind a positive environment that we can feel good about it. The reviews of all our loyal clients, in particular, the one’s that touched us personally are so rewarding at the end of the day. We are so grateful to have the opportunities we do and we will never lose sight of that.

Thank you to all the clients that have helped in making Pro Palette Painting a success. If you are just hearing of us, please give us a call and let’s share some ideas about how to give your home a bright and shiny new paint job that stands the test of time. We would love to serve you and we would love to meet you.

And as always at Pro Palette Painting…….Your Castle is our Canvas!

Thanks, Gord and the Pro Palette team.

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