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Paint CompaniesThere is a wide array of paint in terms of quality. Fine Paints of Europe has a history spanning several decades of providing services to internationally known design and architectural firm. Our paint products cover all your concerns such as durability, easiness in cleaning and the aesthetic look. Fine Paints of Europe ensures that you do not go shopping for an additional can of paint in the next twenty-four months due to the previous coat falling off prematurely. We are a highly esteemed paint production firm among other Paint Companies with mentions on Architectural Digest, Wall Street Journal, Daluxe, and Paint & Decorating Retailers Association.
What to expect from our paints

Our esteemed customers have featured articles that detail our various marketing points. These include the following:

  • Durability
  • Unique colors
  • A wide array of shades
  • Several finishing options such as matte or gloss
  • Ease of cleaning

Tips for longer lasting paint jobs

We provide detailed manuals that will ease your DIY painting task for a professional looking finish. Additionally, our technical team is ready to offer on-call advice regarding any concern. There are few observations that will wean a newbie to a high-level of refinement.
Prepare the surface

It is highly recommendable that you wipe out any dust and dirt from the surface and follow up with cleaning. Use a water-based cleaner to avoid deteriorating the surface’s adhesion quality. Other intensive preparations such as sanding may vary depending on the job’s previous condition.

Find a good contractor

Most people can easily execute a simple painting job with impeccable results. In some cases, clients seek to contract a highly qualified professional. In case you do not have a contractor, Fine Paints of Europe offers a certified training session that qualifies contractors from various states in the US. The firm is one of the highly esteemed Paint Companies that recommend competent contractors to clients upon their request.

  • Use a thick primer that will hide the coating underneath
  • Wet the floor to eliminate dust from sticking onto fresh paint. Alternatively, cover the floor with a full-coverage paper or clothing.
  • Use a brush or roller with a long handle to ease the painting effort and cover further distances on higher walls. You can purchase smooth and steady applicators from  our retailers or directly from the headquarter stores through our customer care lines.

While we do expect longevity with our paint, it is wise to seal a little of the remaining paint to go over frequently used spots such as the doorknob.
How to order

Check our list of available retailers across the United States and Canada. You may have to call our customer care line to confirm if your nearby retailer stocks your preferred product. Our professionals are available on call to provide purchasing guidelines for customers situated far from a retail store.
The staff packs and ships your products via UPS in almost the same day for all orders. Our night shift staff ensures that you receive your package in time. The minimum shipping fee is $8.50 for customers residing in the United States. Orders from New York and Vermont include an additional tax fee.

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