Landscape Lighting Designer Tulsa

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Landscape Lighting Designer Tulsa

Greenpro outdoor services is a leading landscape design, build, and maintenance company with the best landscaper, botanist, architect, and landscape lighting designer in Tulsa. We custom design the landscaping plan for our clients based on their budget, space constraints, and aesthetic needs. Here is a list of landscape lighting ideas:

  1. Security lighting

Security lighting helps scare off burglars and animals from your property as they are very bright and are ideal for illuminating large areas. While security lights use high voltage power, solar lighting options are more energy-efficient and affordable. Installing these lights in high spots like the garage or the eaves helps cast wide light beams onto the backyard fence entrance or the main walkways. The best part about getting security lights for your home is that the intense light scares the prowlers and causes them to believe that you are home even when you are not. You can even connect it to a doorbell or Amazon Alexa. These lights detect motion up to 70 feet away and produce a powerful 2000 lumens, lighting up your entire landscape bright as the day.

  1. Path lighting

Path lighting is a more warm and soft option and keeps your walkways lit, helping you navigate through them in the evenings and nights. They highlight your landscape and emphasize the contours of your walkways. You can place them along both sides of your walkways, accentuating the beauty of your property. These lights use low-voltage (12- to 15-V) and also come in solar LED options. The energy-saving solar path lights are not only cost-efficient and eco-friendly but also do not require any extra wires. Rated among the best lighting companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we help landowners get durable, affordable, and aesthetically appealing lights for their property.

  1. String lighting

These are yet another soft, low-voltage lighting option that evokes a warm ambiance. These lights are ideal for homeowners who like to entertain guests a lot. Hanging string lights in the main activity area, such as the eaves of your home or on the patio furniture or your gazebo, can brighten your outdoor space and create a cozy and intimate effect. String lights come in many forms – waterproof, rechargeable, battery-powered, and solar-powered. As landscaping exterior lighting design experts, we install string lights in your property in such a way that you no longer need to run extension cords across your yard. 

  1. Outdoor wall lighting

Yet another low-voltage accent lighting option that helps illuminate the small recessed areas of the yard. You can mount this patio lighting and pathway lighting in Tulsa on the interior of your pergola, around sunken seating areas, the pool area, or above stairways. As the Tulsa, OK, landscape design expert, we recommend wall sconces with an open-bottomed design for maximum light down your recessed areas.

  1. Lanterns

Lanterns are ideal for accentuating an outdoor wall and its architectural details or decor. These outdoor lighting in Broken Arrow, OK, softly illuminate the elements of your outdoor space. 

Get in touch with us at 918-779-8982 for a free quote from Greenpro outdoor services. Our landscape lighting designer in Tulsa is a highly sought-after professional for his expertise in creating economical and durable outdoor lighting solutions. Entrust your garden lighting installation needs to us for a stunning outdoor transformation.

Landscape Lighting Designer Tulsa

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Landscape Lighting Designer Tulsa

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