Kitchen renovation mississauga

Kitchen renovation mississauga

Who can you trust with your kitchen renovation in Mississauga? Homeowners rely on our professionals from Cedar Hills Contracting for all types of home improvement services, including basement remodeling, bathroom design and build services, kitchen remodel, home remodel, and outdoor projects, like decks, patios, and walkways. Whenever you’re looking for outstanding value, consider contacting us to discuss your upcoming project. Reach us by phone at 647-869-0673.

Q: What kind of ROI can I expect from my kitchen renovation in Mississauga?

A: Real estate specialists estimate that homeowners typically see an 80% return on their investment when upgrading their home’s kitchen. This estimate can give you extraordinary peace of mind that whatever your budget, the money you put into kitchen appliances, cabinetry, flooring, and other upgrades will not simply be an expenditure.

Q: How do I choose the right home renovation contractors for my project?

A: Look for a contractor who is willing to spend time with you making your vision theirs, as well. Reach out to Cedar Hills Contracting to discuss your kitchen renovation with our team of experts and we’ll offer insight and professional advice that will make a big difference in the completed project.

Q: Should I change my kitchen floor plan during a renovation?

A: If your current floor plan is inefficient or causes wasted steps during the day, it may be beneficial to think about changing things around. It can be advantageous to speak with one of our kitchen designers from Cedar Hills Contracting before making a drastic change in the look of your kitchen during a remodel. Simply upgrading countertops, appliances, and other finishes may be enough to achieve your desired results.

Q: My contractor is asking me to pay for the renovation upfront. Is this typical?

A: No; in fact, you should never pay any professional more than 1/3 of the total cost of any project before the work begins. As your renovation progresses, your contractor may ask you to provide a bit more for materials, however you should not have to pay for everything upfront. A contractor who demands that you pay your entire bill when you sign the contract is probably not financially stable. A better option would be to contact Cedar Hills Contracting to work on your kitchen.

Q: Can I trust online reviews?

A: It’s not easy knowing whether reviews you find online were written by real clients or embellished by a contractor. Ask us for a local referral or see our work online if you want visual proof that you’re dealing with professionals.

Q: Do you do more than renovate kitchens?

A: At Cedar Hills Contracting, we offer homeowners a wide array of contracting services to meet their every need in the home improvement sector. Rely on us for your kitchen renovation in Mississauga, then contact us if you need work done to your bathroom or basement. Call us back for window or door replacement, deck & patio building or repairs, driveways & walkways, room additions, or commercial contracting services.

Kitchen renovation mississauga