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Gord Koehn, owner of Pro Palette Painting has over 30 years of experience working with interior designers, property managers, developers and home owners on their interior painting projects. After 20 plus years of seeing what needed improvement in the painting industry, Pro Palette Painting was born – right here in Victoria. You may have heard that the key to an excellent interior paint finish is in the prep work. Let’s face it, the prep work is the reason most people do not want to tackle their interior paint job on their own, and we’re happy to take that on for you. Pro Palette Painting has the obsessive attention to detail needed to create the expert paint prep that your interior deserves. From the most basic one room paint job, to a complex multi colour mansion on the mountain, we’ve got you covered. From the initial estimate we aim to have open lines of communication with our clientele to help them reach their project goals. We can work with various budgets and time lines that fit into the clients comfort zone.

Interior painting in Victoria has become a very seasonal event for us as we have found that our summers are booked up with exterior painting  rather far in advance and with the rainy coastal weather in Victoria from October until April, we are exclusively on our interior painting projects. The best advice I could give potential clients would be to book your interior painting well in advance to ensure the time lines fit.

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Interior painting projects are essentially the same process as the exterior painting projects in terms of prep with the distinction of having more care being needed in protection of the surroundings (furniture, countertops, appliances, floors, etc.). Patching compound dust is very fine particulate and can wreak havoc on a home if items are not covered with protective poly, and floors covered with canvas tarps. A proper residential painting company will ensure that the job site is protected, and even more so, that areas are swept up, mopped and countertops/vanities are wiped down. Each day the work tools should be put off in a corner somewhere non intrusive. We have left homes cleaner than we arrived in some cases and that speaks volumes.

Preparation is everything, as a wall that has not been sanded and patched properly will only show that much more when a fresh coat of paint is applied. The higher the gloss level, the more the imperfections will show. Gloss levels range from flat or matte, to eggshell or satin, pearl or semi-gloss and finally high gloss. Does anyone actually use high gloss? I guess seeing your reflection in the paint could be fun?  Most folks use eggshell sheen on their walls,  flat on the ceilings and semi-gloss or satin on their trim work. Bathrooms are the exception to the rule, where we typically use a kitchen and bath product in a pearls sheen for durability and moisture tolerance, as most bathroom fans do not vent well enough and using eggshell sheen leads to water marking on the walls.  A pearl sheen will also clean up better. If you have no kids and no pets and you want to hide every imperfection, by all means use a flat sheen product in your home, just know they don’t wash very well without marking. There is always a trade-off when choosing one sheen or another for your interior painting project. A well prepped wall will have a nice clean even finish, with a bit of texture from the roller. Back rolling mitigates the texture to some degree. Clean cut lines also make a bold statement, especially when dealing with a darker contrasting colour to a bright new white ceiling. A steady hand is key, as is a good brush. We better have great lines after all the time we have spent in the trade. If you are looking for a great user friendly brush, I highly recommend the Wooster line of brushes. They have one to suit all preferences ( soft, firm. etc.) in various sizes, for various applications. We generally use microfibre rollers as they shed less than conventional roller sleeves and leave a better finish. Never cheap out on roller sleeves, you will end up a horrible finish and lint everywhere. Nobody wants to sand imperfections off the walls due to saving a few dollars on a roller sleeve!

We are determined to help you create that space that you feel comfortable in, whether it be clean solid whites that let your artwork do the talking, or rich colours that feel warm and comforting. If hot pink is your thing, with your spicy personality, we’re happy to do that too! Our homes are our comfort, our personalities. Let’s make your vision happen. We’re here to help!

It is always best for clients to sample various colours for their house painting project from different manufacturers palettes to ensure proper cosmetic appeal and two coat coverage as most companies will write up their estimate based on two coat coverage. Colour fan decks rarely give a true indication of colour.

Once you apply a sample on the wall, it may look different in different types of light, so it’s good to sample in a few different areas to get a true visual. You will have to live with your interior colour choice for a while, might as well be one you love. You would be surprised how many clients over the years neglected to sample paint colours on the walls, only to come home after a weekend  away and be disappointed with the colour choice due to the appearance being different than the colour chip on the fan deck. That only leads to an additional materials and labour charge. Nobody wants that. I can’t stress enough, how important it is to try the colours out on your walls and trim prior to making a decision. You and I will be happy you did! Feel free to use any colour palette for your interior painting as most manufactures can match up someone else’s colour with the files they have on hand.We personally use Cloverdale Paint most of the time. There are a few locations in Victoria. Great staff, always have had great service and the best sales rep a guy could ask for! As an added bonus, due to our long term relationship with Cloverdale Paints, we receive better pricing than the average retail consumer, which we have always passed on to our clients. It is not commonplace for painting companies in Victoria to pass on their materials discount to the client. We feel that we can manage our business just fine while passing on those savings to you.

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We also do not ask our clients for up front deposits, unless it is a very large project booked well in advance and we are concerned with the booking being held by the client. Most clients respect our time and schedule as we do theirs.

As a well established business, we have gained the trust of our clients and they with us. We ask for progress draws where applicable during pay periods, and balance upon completion and your satisfaction. It’s not that any other company is wrong for asking for a deposit of good faith, we have just had the most wonderful relationships built along the way with our family of clients and if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it!

If you’re considering refreshing the inside of your castle, show Victoria your personality and give us a call to see your interior painting vision come to fruition. We look forward to serving you.

Thanks, Gord and the team at Pro Palette Painting.

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