We’ve often heard clients say they have hard time making sense of all the online noise when making the decision to find a reputable residential painting company. How can I trust the reviews, why do some companies pay for advertising and others not? What should I look for online? Can I trust anything I’m reading? “I just want to find a reputable painting company that I can trust in my home to do good work for a fair price.”

Here’s some information to help alleviate some of that pressure and find a legitimate top rated professional painter in Victoria to help you with your next project.

There is a difference between organic and paid search. Some businesses pay per click for their advertising. You see their ad, you click on it, they pay. The web bots (that’s what we will call them) place them (usually 3 or 4 companies in any given field search) up on the top of the page, and again down at the very bottom, thus bettering the chance of them getting your business. This is paid.

An organic search is one where you search for that top rated painting company in Victoria, or Painter Victoria or Interior Painter Victoria and you are given numerous results below the top 3 or 4 AD listings and again below the map listings that give you companies near your location that can assist you. These listings are not paid for. They are as a result of putting your own dedication into content as a business owner and through your own webmaster. Mine is Paul. I do what I can, but Paul is my guru!

I am not here to debate what way is the right way or better way. We all have our own business model and I know many companies that I have a tremendous amount of respect for, that pay per click. Life is choice, if they’re happy, I’m happy.

Here’s my take. A wise man once told me the best business is one where your work does the talking not your advertising dollars. So, from the outset, we pushed the Pro Palette name into every free nook and cranny online that we could find. We ask our clients to give us some honest feedback of our services in their reviews, and we respond to every one of them. By we, I mean me! A web guy (his name could be Paul) who wasn’t anywhere near the project should not give a paid response to every review. I believe every client deserves a response from the business itself. They went out of their way to leave you feedback, do the same! One man’s opinion of course. But I digress….

Here’s what to look for online, once you have an interest in a couple of painting companies in Victoria you have been searching for, take a few minutes and look deeper. Read their reviews, ( it’s easy to tell if friends and family or some fraud in another country left the reviews when you dig deeper), read the business owners responses.

Search further into terms like top rated painters Victoria, BC or best reviewed painters, or interior painting Victoria, exterior painting Victoria and spend some time perusing the results. Chances are if you can find a company that repeatedly shows up in multiple online business listings, social media sites and the reviews/feedback seem legitimate to you, they are probably worth your call. Always trust your instincts. Now you have to meet these personalities behind the screen and decide if they, along with their business reputation and personality are a fit for you.

You can decide if paid or organic works for you. My hope is that you call Pro Palette Painting for your residential interior/exterior painting needs. We would love to add you to our family of customers.

I’m always available to answer any questions, whether or not you hire me. It’s the least I can do. Information and communication are everything.

Be Safe, Gord and the Pro Palette team!