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In a world that moves faster than ever, where life moves in the blink of an eye, it can be difficult to stay grounded and find peace.

As a business owner, my life is filled with a steady stream of in-person, phone, email, and social media interactions. All of which are an expected part of the bigger picture in trying to run a successful painting company in Victoria. As a person, I relish my time with my partner, my dogs, my family and my friends. I do my best to balance these two aspects of my life.

Over the past number of months, life in a pandemic has taught me some valuable lessons. Life can change in an instant for all of us and what people do in times of difficulty says so much about their character. It’s important to slow things down once in a while, take a breath and refocus. I have found the business busier than ever, as most folks over the last number of months have made the decision to do projects around the home, as the sunny vacations have not been an option (until recently with B.C.’s 4 step plan). Most trades and home owners in Victoria will attest to this.

There is such a contrast between prioritizing your business life and your personal life. It’s a question that has come up for me so often lately, in view of recent events. I want my clients to know I care about them and their project needs. I want to be their painter for life! I also want to be present for my partner, my fur kids, friends/family, and myself. It’s a delicate balance.

It’s my hope that as time passes, I learn to be more successful at being just the right balance of that guy from Pro Palette Painting, that as part of a bigger team ( Matt, Kyle and Ryan), provides a great service for a community that constantly gives back to us. It is also my hope that I can provide the same level of service and devotion to my lovely partner Rebecca, my furry kids Barkley and Simon, my family and my friends.

I promise, in my business life, to do my very best to keep the lines of communication open and detailed with clientele and the projects efficient and professional. I also promise to take a breath once in a while, and be present more in my personal life. It is short after all.

I am so grateful to have both.

Thank you, Gord.

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