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Let's take an objective view of building projects compared to other industries. Many home construction projects have extreme variabilities in the design and construction process. Learning to control the chaos is the only way to achieve great success in any area. After 18 years in business, JLB Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing is one of the best basement waterproofing companies in Kansas City, MO, with the perfect balance for all projects, including foundation piering.

What is foundation piering?

It is strengthening the foundation by installing columns under the foundation to support any unevenness. The foundation improves the structure to fortify it against weaknesses in cracks and water absorption risks. Why choose foundation piering by our basement repair company in Kansas City?

  • It is a simple process.
  • Piering is economical and the least expensive.
  • It causes minimal disruption to everyday life; hence you will continue with your usual routine during the process.
  • It is a proactive way of protecting the home against future problems.

Foundation piering adds structural integrity when the contractor uses the proper building standards. Here are some tips on what to expect from the best foundation piering in Kansas City.

Reasons to choose our foundation contractors in Kansas City, MO


A warranty is one of the most critical pieces of paper you can get in a building project. A contractor that does not offer you a warranty is a risky choice because it means they do not care about your home.

Foundation repair companies with warranties are confident about their reputation and work ethics. We do not want to repeat the job twice to reinforce the first construction. Our staff does the due diligence of ensuring everything is above board and offers a warranty for your peace of mind in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Length of experience

Everyone has to start somewhere, to build a solid reputation. Our long-term company is the better choice when you do not want to gamble on your home.


Plenty of platforms offer reviews to verify the credibility of foundation piering in Kansas City. The Better Business Bureau lets you know of any complaints or unethical business practices, as per the past clients' analysis. JLB Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing is transparent about its business and has a public platform for anyone to write public reviews. You can check out the available commentaries for further analysis.

Payment terms

Does the contractor have clear payment terms? You do not want a contractor who wants upfront cash or does not offer price quotes. Go over the contract carefully to ascertain the costs and understand the payment schedule. We will get you all the details in a written agreement to solve future issues with ease.

Right paperwork

Do not hire an unlicensed contractor who only promises with word of mouth. A couple of papers to look at include:

  • Permits
  • Affiliations
  • Licenses
  • Credentials

The proper papers indicate that the contractor goes through all inspections to ensure they have quality materials and service. An unlicensed contractor is likely to cost you less initially but results in significant problems in the end.

Do not ignore the early signs of foundation failure, even if it is just one crack. Consider reaching out to the best foundation repair company in Kansas City, MO, by calling (816) 656-6835 for accurate analysis and permanent basement waterproofing solutions.

Foundation Piering Kansas City

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Foundation Piering Kansas City

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